A Joint Effort

December 21, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Latest News

Nearly all of the directory sites currently on the web are merely a conglomeration of disjointed categories and disparate content. They are using use very old coding technology and have lost all credibility with Google and other search engines. We built a family of 14 directories that are all dedicated to  fishing charters, fishing guides, fly fishing, fly fishing guides, boat rentals, Kayak rentals, eco-tours, and independently owned vacation rental property.

Saves You Tons Of Time

If you take the time to create a listing in on all of our directory sites, that will get you a minimum of 16 inbound links from 16 different top level domains to your site! This could be more than you currently have linking to your site now. In addition you will have an additional 5 inbound links from our five personal business websites giving you a total of 21 inbound links from content relevant domains. If you spend any time working on link building you know that normally takes a massive amount of time to build just one quality back link. Now you can see why we put so much effort into our link directories. As full-time fishing charter Captains it’s hard to spend the few hours a day that we aren’t on the water, building inbound links and other SEO efforts. To stay in the top five of the Google organic ratings and in the top three for local search takes a tremendous amount of effort. When you consider a small amount of effort it takes on your part to create a listing, and the many months of effort we spent developing these sites it is a huge win for everyone in our industries. Please take a look at the quality of our directory sites.

Free For A Period Of Time

Obviously we can only have so many companies on all of the directories before they will become too difficult to maintain, at that point we will have to hire someone to maintain them and start charging a fee to cover the salary. Originally I wanted to go out to all of the businesses that I can tell are putting effort into their SEO activities and would benefit the most from quality content relevant inbound links.