How To Link To Our Site

December 27, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Latest News

This site exists to help your business and your web site as an industry we need to work together. By working with us you we can all create quality inbound links to everyone’s web site, and it won’t take much time. After you post your listing you need to follow these directions.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NOW:  You will need to create links on your site that will point back to our sites. To make it easier we have attached a text file with the links ready to use in HTML format. All you have to do is click here to open the file, then copy and paste the code into your links page. That’s all there is to it! If you have any questions on you to do this, please email us and we will help you get it done.

REMEMBER – You Will Be Getting Additional Inbound Links From All Of Our Sites

As part of our time saving link building effort,  you will be getting links to your site from our fishing charter and rental sites (currently we have 4). So for the time it took you to create one listing here you are getting 5 quality back links. That’s how we all help each other by creating quality back links in a hurry. By limiting this directory to specialty outdoor sites only, everyone’s business websites will get a huge boost in search rankings!

Our goal is to have a large number of different domains that are all in related industries linking to each other.  In addition we created these directory web sites for the search engines to find, and follow the links here to your web site. However we add a link to your site here, and add a link your site on our fishing charter web sites you can see how quickly links to web site can grow.